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Worry Box for adults (3rd edition)

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The Worry Box for adults

Four little books in one, that will help you understand your anxiety and worry, face it, fix it then forget it.

  • Chapter 1 : Helps you understand your anxiety - your worry - and introduces you to a great way to fix it: the 3 F’s (Face it, Fix it, Forget it). 
  • Chapter 2 : is about the first F - FACE IT. If you are scared of going to a busy shop, perhaps, or of meeting people, you avoid those things and lose some of the variety, fun or fulfilment in your life. This book helps you get it back.
  • Chapter 3 : is about the second F - FIX IT. For people who are worrying about a particular problem - money, a relationship, your job perhaps - this book contains a foolproof way to end ALL problems!
  • Chapter 4 : is about the third F - FORGET IT. When things just churn round and round in your head, you'll need this book to help you change your thinking and end the worrying thoughts.
  • Chapter 5: In case of panic read this. Designed to educate and inform so you know how to respond to a panic attack.

** Looking for the Young Person version? Search for The Worry box for Young People.

ISBN: 978-1-906564-70-4  32 illustrations.