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About Us

We provide access to a range of licensed evidence based wellbeing resources based on the popular cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach. Our catelogue of resources aims to help people tackle common wellbeing problems such as low mood and stress, as well as helping them manage long term physical conditions.

Other Five Areas sites: (General Public) : the main support site for users of the Overcoming Depression and low mood and Overcoming Anxiety books. : for long-term conditions : for people who attend chirches and want to built life skills whilst also including their faith. : Buy books and other wellbeing resources.

Other Five Areas sites: (Practitioners) : showcasing the work we do as a company including our evidence-base, blogs about projects and more : Buy licences to run classes, online access and more.
http://​ : Book a supporter training course : an educsational life skills course for those experiencing problems such as bingeing and over-eating/bulima-type symptoms

Evidence Base:
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