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Living Life to the Full Classes with employment and relapse prevention extensions (non-commercial license)

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This starter pack allows you to deliver the LLTTF 2nd Edition course for adults, which includes additional modules on employment support and relapse prevention.

Now in it's Second Edition expect:

  • Revised content
  • Consistent with second edition LLTTF booklets
  • New information on Assertiveness, Sleep Problems, Employment Support and Relapse Prevention
  • Updated class worksheets to fit the new 'look'
  • Added fun tasks such as using Chinese Finger Traps to illustrate key learning points

(includes resource CD, Thought strips, 1 set of Wow Glasses, a Life card pack and Chinese Finger Traps).  Includes a complimentary initial 12 month licence. NB: After the purchase we will email you a copy of the course licence document for review and to sign and return. Once this has been received from you, we will post you out the start-up set. The licence is subsequently £325.00 pa + VAT after the initial year ends and can be ended easily at any time by returning the disc resources and informing us in writing/by email.

NB: a reduced rate for charities/voluntary sector and schools is available contact us to discuss this.

The LLTTF Course CD contains the following sessions:
1: Why do I feel so bad?
2: I can't be bothered doing anything
3. Why does everything always go wrong?
4: I'm not good enough: (low confidence)
5: How to fix almost everything
6: The things you do that mess you up
7: Are you strong enough to keep your temper?
8 : 10 things you can do to help you feel happier straight away

Additional Courses

1: 24 Hours to get a job that fires you up (x3 hour session)
Provides an empowering, practical and easy to implement course that aims to help attendees not only get a job - but to work towards getting one that enthuses them too.

2: Planning for the future (half day workshop)
Covering all the key skills people need to embed and build on what they have learned during treatment in order to make effective plans to stay well in the future. Suitable both as a practitioner training resource, and for direct delivery to people recovering from mental or physical health problems, this all in one resource will help attendees: 
- Identify key skills they have learned during treatment or therapy
- Set a series of planned self-review sessions
- Become confident in using the Plan, Do, Review model
- Address fears and concerns for the future  
- Identify early warning signs of relapse
- Create an Emergency Plan to use if significant set-backs occur

CD Resources:
- Instructions/Speaker notes for each class
- Session slides (pdf) – needs Adobe Acrobat Reader 
- Handouts/worksheets that may be printed for use by attendees.

Additional resources needed: You will also need to purchase copies of the 9 LLTTF little books for course leaders and attendees- available separately and at a reduced rate when ordered in bulk.

For further information, click here to download an information sheet.

For use commercially, please contact us to discuss a Commercial License.

Training workshop for practitioners: Visitn

Train the Trainers: please contact us at to book a local practitioner training course. We also offer training workshops on a regular basis. Visit for details.

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