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About Us

We are the worlds leader in providing evidence based CBT resources for practitioners and organisations to use with their users and patients to help overcome common mental health problems such as low mood and anxiety, and help manage long term physical conditions.

Other Five Areas sites: (General Public) : the main support site for users of the Overcoming Depression and low mood and Overcoming Anxiety books. : equivalent site aimed at supporting users of the I'm not supposed to feel like this book

Other Five Areas sites: (Practitioners) : Practitioner site containing clinical information and online resources. Training CD Roms, Overcoming Depression Online, Overcoming Bulimia Online and Overcoming Anorexia Online (more details below)  : available only by referral by a qualified practitioner : available only by referral by a qualified practitioner

Evidence Base:
Williams, C.J. and Garland, A, (2002). A cognitive behavioural therapy assessment model for use in everyday clinical practice. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 8, 172-179. 

Wright, B., Williams, C, Garland, A. (2002). Using the Five Areas cognitive-behavioural therapy model with psychiatric patients. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 8, 307-315. 

Williams, C, Garland, A. (2002). Identifying and challenging unhelpful thinking. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 8, 377-386

Garland, A., Fox, R., Williams, C.J. (2002). Overcoming reduced activity and avoidance: a five areas approach. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 8: 6, 453-462. 

Whitfield, G., Williams. C.J. (2003). The evidence base for cognitive-behavioural therapy in depression: delivery in busy clinical settings. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 9, 21-30 

Williams C.J. (2001). Use of written cognitive-behavioural therapy self-help materials to treat depression. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 7, 233-240. Click here to download 

About CBT or about accessing a CBT practitioner:

British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies

Royal College of Psychiatrists Psychotherapy Faculty CBT interest group

Free online booklets/written resources

1). Northumberland self-help materials  
2). Book Prescription Schemes Overview
3). British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) leaflets: 

About Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT):


Information about CBT in Non-English languages
About CBT (Royal College of Psychiatrists- written by Dr Chris Williams):
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General mental health information in Urdu

Range of disorders


Free Computerised self-help resources

Living Life to the Full 
Mood Gym